Thursday, December 05, 2002
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What do you think about using a computer to augment your go playing ability. When playing a game, you could run your favorite go AI next to you, and have it suggest potential moves, or analyze life or death situations. My feeling is that past a certain level it really wouldn't help much at all, and might even slow you down. If this is the only way you played, then it might even impair your learning. But, why not let people use it if the want to? Well, someone is sure to feel cheated if they play against someone who uses an AI for assistance. In Okonomigo, I think I'll make it easy to use as AI to help you play, but this will be made known to all of your would be opponents. After all, there are also going to be straight AI players out there too. Players who use computer assistance will be called cyborgs, and those who play unassisted will be called humans. AI players will be called robots.

So, how might this cyborg thing work? Well, if my neural nets work out well, they should be pretty good at playing out a game to completion really quickly, I'll just have it play out the game from the current state, and compare that to playing out the game based on moves suggested by the human player. The human could then look at the paths taken by the AI, and make adjustments if the AI did something dumb. This would give the human player the ability to make the estimate more accurate.

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