Wednesday, October 22, 2003
      ( 8:45 AM ) Matt  

Eastern Canadian Robot Games

In Toronto on November 15, 2003 at the Ontario Science Centre there's going to be a great show. If you are in town, and like robots, you should definantly go. This event has multiple competitions featuring several autonomous catagories including walking, line following, light seeking, and sumo wrestling robots. There are also battle bot style sumo wrestling, but for robot enthusiasts, that's not nearly as interesting.

I'm going to try to participate in the line following event. Since I just learned about the event yesterday, I don't have time to put something together to compete in what I think are the most interesting events, but I can probably throw together a line following robot from my mound of Lego, sensors and robot controllers that I have left over from 6.270.

Next year I want to compete in either the autonomous sumo event or the walking event. Hey, maybe even both with the same robot. :-)

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