Friday, October 17, 2003
      ( 10:14 AM ) Matt  


Back near the start of this blog I was talking about a fantastic new language I dreamed up called "Pomella". Well, I've been learning Haskell recently for a class I am taking through MIT's Open Courseware and it has all the fantasic features I dreamt into Pomella. Really the only thing that's different is that Pomella is a postfix language and Haskell is a prefix language. Haskell also has a whole bunch of niftyisms that make it cool, but a little complicated.

I am not sure if a good compiler exists for Haskell. There are a bunch of runtime environments for it. You can find them, and everything else you want to know about Haskell at Haskell.org. I think what the world really needs right now is a compiler that will take Haskell and compile it into executable binaries. (e.g. .exe files for windows.)

If you aren't taking a class via MIT's OCW, you really should consider it.

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