Wednesday, November 05, 2003
      ( 9:13 AM ) Matt  

Robot Update

So, I've been working on the robot for a couple weekends now. I'll have pictures and another update after the contest which is November 15th. The robot has taken shape, and most of the wiring is done. It's a really simple project, but I don't have a lot of time.

Over the weekend I wired up the control circuitry. It is basicly just 1 H-bridge chip which has 4 H-bridges on it. I use 2 H-bridges per motor so that I can drive them bidirectionally. The way it's wired now, the motors drive forward when the switches are not pressed, and when a switch is pressed, the opposite motor drives backwards. This makes it turn away from the switch which is pressed. By adding 1 wire I can make it also stop the motor which is on the same side as the switch. I think this would increase its effectivness in wall following.

Speaking of effective wall following, I thought I had a great idea on my way home yesterday. I say "thought" because I was unable to get it implemented last night, and not for a lack of trying. My idea was to use a distance sensor so that it could try turning away from the wall before it reaches it. Unfortunatly, I couldn't get either the distance sensor or the op-amp, which I was using to control it, to work. I send my electronics whiz brother an e-mail asking for help. I'll post again if I get it working.

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