Wednesday, February 11, 2004
      ( 9:13 AM ) Matt  

ZIP codes

To start my map project, I took a look around for population density and location information. On one site I found latitude, longitude, and population information for every ZIP code in the US. The home page for the site talks about how ZIP (Zone Improvement Plan) was introduced in 1963, so maybe the populations are from back then... I also found a site with latitude and longitude for practicly every city, town and village. I couldn't find Harmony, San Luis Obsipo, California, population 18, but there are about 20 listings for Harmony, USA. There is no state or county information, and no population information either. A Google Search revealed the World Gazetteer with population and location information for major cites. This might be a useful place to start, though mining the information may be non-trivial.

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