Tuesday, June 15, 2004
      ( 4:39 PM ) Matt  


I have a couple of ideas for my next robot.

The robot music box.

This would be a relatively small device with its logic encoded into a PIC or other programmable chip. It would take all the rules taught in introductory music composition (Harmony and Counterpoint) and generate lulabies on the fly. The robot would be powered by a turn crank which would wind up a spring, and when released, the spring would turn a generator. The rotation would also be used to move the mechanics of the robot which would play notes on something like a thumb piano, or the little sheet of metal with many slits in it that a regular music box uses.

The robot picture frame

This would be based on my old Pentium motherboard. You insert a floppy disk with a JPG image on it, it analyzes it, and then draws the entire thing with one stroke of a pen. The pen moves left and right, and the paper moves up and down. When the image is complete, it scrolls up into the frame where it is displayed. The reason it is done in one stroke is because lifting the pen seems like it would be too hard. :-P

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